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AXA Travel Insurance Instant Quote   


Renew your Car Insurance Online and Purchase Travel Insurance Online
without leaving your home or office. No jam, no parking problem.
Just submit via our online form and make payment via credit card or bank transfer.
Whatsapp +6011-1223 9838 if you need help.
AXA Travel Insurance Instant Quote
Overseas Travel Protection
Enjoy your trips with absolute peace of mind by getting this all-in-one AXA travel insurance online now

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Any Urgent Enquiry, Please send your Whatsapp Message to +6011-12239838 for Prompt Assistance (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm)
AXA SmartTraveller
AXA Oversea Travel Insurance Plan and AXA Domestic Travel Insurance Plan
Single Trip
Click here for AXA Travel Insurance Single Trip Benefits Table
Click here for AXA Travel Insurance Single Trip Premium Table

Isn't it frustrating when your flights get delayed? Or when your luggage gets lost in transit? SmartTraveller has you covered for any unfortunate events on your overseas trips, including accidents or illnesses while you are travelling.

Key benefits explained
High medical coverage when overseas
Pays for your medical and hospital expenses incurred overseas due to accident or illness during your travels up to RM300,000
Get compensated for travel inconveniences
Pays for loss or damage to your baggage, including personal items up to RM500 per item, as well as travel and baggage delays
Fast claims
Upon receipt of full documents, AXA will revert with claim decision within 5 working days
Trip cancellation
Buy travel insurance at least 14 days before your trip, and we will compensate you for irrecoverable travel and accommodation expenses as a result of trip cancellation due to serious injury or illness to you or your immediate family.
Emergency medical evacuation
Unlimited coverage for emergency transportation and medical care to the nearest hospital
Single trip and annual unlimited trips available
Get protection for a single trip or save more with an annual plan that covers unlimited number of trips in a year
Instant coverage
Get your travel insurance online 24/7 before departure


What we do not cover

1. Any existing medical conditions or those which occurred before the policy

2. Any treatment related to pregnancy

3. Travels against medical advice, or for the purpose of obtaining treatment

For the full list of Benefits and Exclusions, kindly refer to our Policy Wordings, available for download below.


What does AXA SmartTraveller cover?

AXA SmartTraveller provides a number of benefits including the following:

  • Personal Accident
  • Medical Expenses
  • Travel Inconvenience such as travel delay, baggage delay, etc.

Please check out our Summary Benefits for more details

I have questions regarding the benefits / coverage of your travel insurance plan

You can check out our Summary Benefits . You can also contact our 24 hours hotline at +603 - 2142 0399.

What happens if I have a medical emergency overseas?

If you have a medical emergency overseas, you can visit the doctors for treatment and claim it back when you return to Malaysia. Do note that you have to provide all official receipts and doctor’s letter for your claims. If you need any urgent assistance, you can contact our 24 hours hotline at +603 - 2142 0399.

Can I buy travel insurance if I use overland transport to Singapore or Southern Thailand?

Yes. However, you are not entitled to claim flight related benefits.

Do you cover for domestic? For example, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu?

Yes, we do have SmartTraveller Domestic.

Do you cover winter sports (i.e. skiing), hiking, trekking and scuba diving?

Yes, we do cover winter sports, scuba diving and hiking/trekking in remote areas if accompanied with licensed guides (no height limit), subject to policy conditions and exclusions.

Do you cover for car rental excess?

Yes, we do cover for car rental excess under VIP and annual plans (Car rental excess requires that you hire a car and it gets damaged or stolen) The 'Excess' (also known as the 'Deductible') is the amount of money you have to pay under a car rental contract as a result of loss or damage to the rented car arising from an accident.

Do you cover home contents during the travel period?

Yes, we do cover for home contents under our VIP and annual plans.

Does your travel insurance cover pregnant women?

Yes, we do. But we do not cover claims arising from pregnancy including childbirth caesarean operation, abortion, miscarriage and all related complications except miscarriage due to bodily injury as a direct result of an accident.

If I cancel my trip, do I get my money back?

Trip cancellation coverage is available only on our VIP and annual plans, provided that you purchase your travel insurance at least 14 days before your trip. We will pay for your pre-paid irrecoverable fees if you have to cancel your trip due to incidents such as;

  • Your death, Serious Injury or Serious Illness or the death, Serious Injury or Serious Illness of Your Immediate Family Member
  • Unexpected outbreak of strike, riot or civil commotion
  • Witness summons
  • Serious damage to your residence.

Do note that you have to first get a refund from the relevant parties before claiming from us, and we will pay for the outstanding amount.


How do I file for a claim?

Please visit our claim page at, where we have detailed our process and listed out the documents required to help you make your claims. You can:

How do I claim for my medical bills when I get sick during my travel?

You can first pay for your medical bills when you are overseas and make your claims when you return to Malaysia. Do note that you will need the official doctor letter and receipt to make your claims.

What do I do if my luggage is delayed by the transport provider?

We will pay if your checked-in baggage is delayed for each full 6 consecutive hours (RM200 for every 6 hours) upon arrival at your destination abroad. Make sure you get a written report from the transport provider confirming the delaying and how long it was for. Details of the limits of your cover can be found in the combined PDS you received with your policy documents.

How long will it take for me to receive my claims?

Upon receipt of full documents, we will revert with claim decision within 5 working days. Once claims is approved, payment will be made within 3 working days.

What documents will I need when submitting my claims?

This depends on the nature of your claims, visit for more information. You can also find the details at MyAXA Claims Malaysia app via Google Play Store and Apple AppStore