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Why You should registered as Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization - MMI Associate Member? The Largest Malaysia Medical Insurance Solution Service Provider

Why You should registered as MMI Associate Member?

Who is MMI ?
MMI is Your Trusted and Experience Malaysia Largest Risk Management Medical and Health Insurance Solution Advisory Organization since year 1989.
MMI management teams have more than 23 years of "hard ground" experiences in medical and health insurance industry since year 1989.

During these solid 23 years of "hard ground" experiences, we "MMI" have developed wide range of Malaysia Medical and Health Insurance product suits for Malaysian.

These solid years of experience has earned MMI a reputation of " THE LARGEST MALAYSIA MEDICAL INSURANCE ORGANIZATION".

MMI have many successful medical and health insurance schemes with proven track record and in the process of arrange many more new medical and health insurance products.

MMI have a team of young, trusted, experience, qualified and dynamic team in nationwide and are prepared to take upon any new challenges with the ever changing landscape of the medical and health insurance industries.
MMI provided medical and health insurance professional training course and having experienced help desk support officer, friendly customer services officer and prompt service claim support officer at MMI head office and nationwide.
MMI registered associate members have at least have more than five years experience in medical and health insurance policy. And they have acquired medical insurance knowledge at leading insurance companies. In fact, most of them are attached to prestigious insurance companies in Malaysia.
In addition, MMI registered associate members have a proven track record of servicing more than 100,0000 clients or policy holders in Malaysia Medical and Health Insurance coverage since year 1989.
MMI have more than 500 registered associate members at nationwide.

Benefits of MMI Associate Members

Increase exposure,increased referrals,increase reputation and increase medical and health insurance skill and knowledge.
Powered by MMI

Increase Business and Network Exposure
MMI "Success & Effective System - SES"
Online marketing powered by MMI.
More than 100,000 loyalty card members.
More than 50,000 facebook fans.
More than 500 online pages, group, forum, youtube and blog.
Loyalty Program powered by One of The Largest Rewards and Redemption Loyalty Program service provider in Malaysia.
Reward System for your customers.
Non Stop attractive promotion (non add on cost).
Prevention booth campaign at nationwide private hospitals.
Prevention program like blood donation, health talk, prevention campaign, senior citizen free medical check up and others wellness activities and program.
Participate Government Wellness and Health Prevention program .

Increase Profession Reputation
Increase Profession Reputation
Professional and Experience Malaysia medical insurance organisation.
Professional and Experience management teams and senior adviser teams.
Full time customer services and claim support officers.
Call handling assistance for your customers.
Professional advice for your customers.
Online news & event, video and news letter service.
Claim advice support and assistance.
Malaysia Medical Insurance technical & non technical product knowledge training course or talk provided by MMI.
Increase medical and health insurance skill and knowledge
Increase medical and health insurance skill and knowledge

Marketing, leadership and motivation training and seminar provided by MMI.
Special rates for courses, seminars powered by "SPOT" and other similar MMI activities.
Medical Insurance Industry networking TOP OF TOP (TOT) sharing workshops.
A badge, a vinyl card holder to carry MMI associate members' business cards, marketing materials, much more.
Online newsletters with educational material on Malaysia medical insurance product knowledge, networking, public speaking, and medical insurance business and industry.
Value Added

Participation in prevention and wellness activities.
Free Access to MMI e-Library Portal
Download Malaysia Medical Insurance product and wellness information for free
Special rate on selected hotels /Retailers.
And much, much more!!!

F.A.Q.s - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone join MMI?
A: MMI only accept application from minimun 2 years and above medical insurance experienced and minimum have 2 existing MMI associate members as introduces and nominator's and 2 insurance agent as referral. MMI committees reserved the right to invite for interview or reject the application.

Q: What if a member gets a referral and does poor work?
A: MMI have an ethics committee and it is imperative that anyone who gives a lead and finds out it was not satisfactorily handled must report that to the associate members (AM) committee, who will investigate.

Q: Do ethical rules for certain professions prohibit participation in MMI?
A: MMI understands the importance of the ethical concerns governing certain professions and acknowledges that rules can differ by location. As such, MMI therefore requires its associate members to uphold the rules of its profession so as not to violate the professional’s ethical obligations. In the event that MMI’s general rules could potentially violate a professional’s ethical code, MMI’s rules are superseded by the dictates of the professional’s ethics’ code. Significantly, a primary objective of MMI is to educate its associate members (AM) in ways to market and grow business. It is MMI’s intent to ensure that this is permitted.

Q: My profession does not let me directly solicit business. Is MMI still right for me?

A: MMI’s primary objective is to assist its associate members in ways to improve their business and to educate them concerning how they can improve medical insurance knowledge and gain more experience.

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)
Your Trusted Malaysia Medical Insurance Risk Management Advisory Provider

Malaysia Medical Insurance Organization (MMI)
Head Office,
MMI careline +603-92863323

How To Become MMI Associate Members please click HERE
Please click HERE for MMI Associate Members Application Form

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