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Product Name:Zurich Early Care Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan.
Product Code:Zurich Early Care Critical Illness Health Insuranc
Product description:

Zurich Early Care Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan

Early Care Critical Illness

Early Care Critical Illness is a unit-deducting rider that gives you regular investment-linked plans the financial capability to fight illnesses.

Enjoy financial support for both treatment and recuperation expenses upon diagnosis of any defined critical illnesses. With a critical illness payout, a rehabilitation benefit along with a second medical opinion allowance during the early or end stage of a critical illness, you can have a peace of mind and focus on what’s most important – your full recovery.

Early Care Critical Illness Features

Early Stage Critical Illness Benefit

You will receive a payout of 50% of the Early Care Critical Illness sum
assured upon diagnosis of any defined critical Illness, to facilitate the best
and most effective treatment when it can make the most difference. The
sum assured will be reduced by the amount claimed and continue to provide
an end stage critical illness benefit. This benefit will cover you up to age 85.

End Stage Critical Illness Benefit

Up to 100% of the Early Care Critical Illness sum assured is payable upon
diagnosis of any defined end stage critical illnesses, provided no early stage
claim payout has been made before. End stage critical illness will be covered
up to age 100.

Rehabilitation Benefit* - Paid monthly to aid complete recovery

An additional 12% of the Early Care Critical Illness sum assured will be
payable to you at the first approved diagnosis of critical illness for
rehabilitative needs. The amount will be paid on a monthly basis for
a period of 12 months.

Second Medical Opinion* - To be certain about your treatments

A lump sum of RM2,000 will be payable to give you the flexibility to choose your preferred specialist for a Second Medical Opinion.

Note: *Rehabilitation Benefit and Second Medical Opinion will only be payable once and covers up to age 85. For Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Major Coronary Artery Disease, there is no entitlement for Rehabilitation Benefit and Second Medical Opinion.

Below is an illustration of the benefits payout for a woman who is 30 years old and covered with Early Care Critical Illness rider sum assured of RM200,000.

Age Of Eligibility For Life Assured
Anyone between 30 days old to 60 years old can purchase Early Care Critical
Illness as a rider attachable to a regular premium investment-linked plan.

Zurich Early Care Critical Illness Health Insuranc-Zurich Early Care Critical Illness Health Insurance Plan.