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Product Name:Allianz Care - Group Hospitalization & Surgical Plan for SMI
Product Code:Allianz Care - Group Hospitalization Plan for SMI
Product description:

As a provider of medical insurance, our utmost concern is to take care of your most valuable asset. With Allianz Care- SMI, you can be rest assured that your employees are well protected.
  • Cashless Admission Facility
  • Easy Administration
  • 24 hours Toll Free Assistance
  • Choice of Plan to Suit Your Budget
  • Choice to cover spouse and/or depandants
  • Out Patient Clinical Cover
  • Group Personal Accident Cover
Easy Administration

Leave the administration of your employee benefit to us and focus on your core business.

24 hours Toll Free Assistance

Just call our dedicated toll free no. 1-800-88-1138, for enquiry and issuance of guarantee letter.

Cashless Admission Facility

This cashless facility will create expeditious and hassle free facility for admission at our network of panel hospitals. Member will not be required to upfront payment to the hospital at the time of admission. All covered services are provided on a 24 Hours Admission Assistance basis to the Insured Person.

Flexibility of Plan

Just select from the variety of plans available according to your employee’s needs and your budget.

Choice to cover Dependants

Coverage can be extended to employee’s spouse and children as well.

* Optional Rider/s
Outpatient/Clinical Insured Program

Enjoy extensive medical support from our network of GP panel clinics located nationwide on a cashless basis via an electronic card. The Medical Provider Network also includes all major hospitals nationwide.

Group Personal Accident

Provides 24-hour protection against Accidental Death and Disablement. Disablement Benefits are payable according to Scale of Benefits.

Schedule of Benefits

Annual Premium Schedule

* MCO Fees will be charged separately.

Annual MCO Fees Schedule

NOTE: The premium rates displayed above are subject latest rate announced by insurer.

Allianz Care - Group Hospitalization Plan for SMI-Allianz Care - Group Hospitalization & Surgical Plan for SMI